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Course in Krakow 2018/2019

At the turn of the year 2018/2019 I had the opportunity to lecture the second time Basic Bobath course in Krakow, Poland. The course was attended by physiotherapists from various professional establishments in Poland, with varying lengths of practice, but with similar expectations. Learn more about Bobath concept and take the maximum into everyday practice. Although the conditions were challenging due to the time of year and the high intensity of the course, the course was mainly due to the excellent and well-working team of therapists.

Important in each course I consider the inclusion of practice with patients. This part of the course is a real examination of the trainer and concept and provides answers to the effectiveness of the given therapy.


According to the National training Laboratories we are able to remember the most when we teach others, see presentation of our own projects:-)

Do you know what is the teacher’s greatest joy?

Well, the final photo with your pupils! 🙂


V termínu 31.5. – 4.6. 2018 se konala pod záštitou Fakulty zdravotnických studií University Palackého a Rehabilitační kliniky FN Olomouc výjimečná odborná akce, na které se sešly osobnosti, které se angažují v problematice “motorické kontroly” lidského pohybu jak při fyziologických , tak při patologických podmínkách poškozeného mozku. Celý odborný program probíhal formou interaktivní diskuse, kterou s vtipem, nadhledem a grácií moderoval prof. Mark Latash. Workshop otevřel první přednáškou prof. Feldman: The origin of directional sensitivity of neurones in the context of referent control of motor actions.

Po něm následovali další řečníci:

    • Gregor Schöner: What processes must be in place to achieve arm movements oriented at objects?
  • John Rothwell: Using transcranial brain stimulation methods to probe motor physiology
    • Mindy Levin: Threshold position control: implications for normal and disordered motor control
  • Matthew Tresch, Yuri Ivanenko: Development of human locomotion.
  • Marco Santello: Neural control of the hand: Integration of experimental approaches to study sensorimtor control and learning
  • Mark Latash: Stability of action and perception: The example of the human hand. Mé velké poděkování patří Mgr. Petře Bastlové, Ph.D., která byla hlavní organizátorkou této vynikající akce.


Basic Bobath Course for the first time in Gdansk – June 2018

In the spring of 2018 I was invited for the first time to lecture the course in Gdańsk, Poland. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city and the surrounding area, as well as the enthusiastic and collaborative Polish therapists. All of them were physiotherapists with varying lengths of clinical practice and a huge interest in the problems of neurologically affected patients.

Interesting for me was the issue of spastic hand. According to the information obtained, in Poland patients after CMP, the standard and long-term botulinum toxin is applied to problematic muscle groups. Several such chronic patients have had the opportunity to heal. In any of them the functional state of their paretické arms was not good. We did not have the opportunity to look into their medical documentation to record the course of treatment, but according to the oral communication each of them underwent a subsequent rehabilitation, usually was advised of the Stretchingovém program. None of them had any orthosis applied and ortotická care in the neurological hand is not introduced in Poland.


Advanced Bobath Course Liberec 5.-9.11. 2018

“Interplay between mobility and stability as a prerequisite for rehabilitation of functional activities of the upper limb……”

In the autumn, another important expert event, the Advanced Bobath course, will take place in the Czech Republic. It will be led by an experienced instructor Hanna Aviv from Germany.

The course will take place in the period 5.11.-9.11. 2018 in Liberec and will be translated from English to Czech.

The estimated capacity of the course is 16 therapists.

The course can be attended by graduates of the basic Bobath course.

The main topic is:

“The interplay between mobility and stability in persons with neurological lesions as a prerequisite for rehabilitation of functional activities of The upper limb.”

The main organizer of the course is Mrs Bc. Hana Kafkova. If interested, please contact us at:

The advertisement of the course can also be found on the website IBITA:

Next completed course of Bobath concept

Another completed certified course of Bobath concept.

In December 2017 the next Bobath concept course for adults was successfully completed. The study was met by physiotherapists and therapists from the Czech Republic and from Slovakia. It is always my great joy and reward for the graduates of the course to bring not only new knowledge and skills, but also mutual professional understanding and friendship.

Basic course in Krakow Bobath-June 2017

In June was held in cooperation with the rehabilitation centre in Krakow Basic Bobath course for adult patients with neurological deficit.

The course was very inspiring and mutually rewarding thanks to the great professional interest of all course participants. In the framework of the course was also briefing Members of the family in planning subsequent home rehabilitation (see photo). On the course we have executed one of the most important principles of the Bobath concept, and it is the active involvement of the family in therapy.

Workshop in Hrabyně and Chuchelná, June 2017

In June 2017 in Hrabyně and RU Chuchelna there was two expert seminars on the subject of “Bobath concept in nursing care”.

The aim was to consolidate and update the procedures of nursing care and incorporate them into the total therapy of neurological patients. The result should be intense, high-quality and effective rehabilitation, in which are included as well as patients with severe neurological deficit, who treats in these devices.

It was also part of the practical part of the ergonomics of nurses who are exposed to considerable physical strain. She was so turned on active interdisciplinary cooperation. I believe that this dialogue will last well into the future and that through this teamwork will be RA Prime workplace and inspiration Hrabyně and other similar facilities in the Czech Republic.