Basic Bobath Course for the first time in Gdansk – June 2018

In the spring of 2018 I was invited for the first time to lecture the course in Gdańsk, Poland. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city and the surrounding area, as well as the enthusiastic and collaborative Polish therapists. All of them were physiotherapists with varying lengths of clinical practice and a huge interest in the problems of neurologically affected patients.

Interesting for me was the issue of spastic hand. According to the information obtained, in Poland patients after CMP, the standard and long-term botulinum toxin is applied to problematic muscle groups. Several such chronic patients have had the opportunity to heal. In any of them the functional state of their paretické arms was not good. We did not have the opportunity to look into their medical documentation to record the course of treatment, but according to the oral communication each of them underwent a subsequent rehabilitation, usually was advised of the Stretchingovém program. None of them had any orthosis applied and ortotická care in the neurological hand is not introduced in Poland.


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