Course in Krakow 2018/2019

At the turn of the year 2018/2019 I had the opportunity to lecture the second time Basic Bobath course in Krakow, Poland. The course was attended by physiotherapists from various professional establishments in Poland, with varying lengths of practice, but with similar expectations. Learn more about Bobath concept and take the maximum into everyday practice. Although the conditions were challenging due to the time of year and the high intensity of the course, the course was mainly due to the excellent and well-working team of therapists.

Important in each course I consider the inclusion of practice with patients. This part of the course is a real examination of the trainer and concept and provides answers to the effectiveness of the given therapy.


According to the National training Laboratories we are able to remember the most when we teach others, see presentation of our own projects:-)

Do you know what is the teacher’s greatest joy?

Well, the final photo with your pupils! 🙂