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Bobath concept is of diagnostic and therapeutic approach to solving the problems of patients with disorders of function, movement and postural control caused by lesions of the CNS. (IBITA 1996)

Bears the name and historically built on the work of Karel and Berta Bobathových. Thanks to the extraordinary cooperation of masseurs and doctors was created between 1940 and 1950 a completely new approach of evaluation and therapy of patients with disorders of the central nervous system, especially in children with cerebral palsy and adult patients after stroke, the incidents.

In 1984, with the consent of the spouses was Bobathových founded an international association with the goal to further develop the Bobath concept and create standardized courses that will correspond to the findings of contemporary neuroscience.  Since 1996, this company is known as International Bobath Instructors Training Association (IBITA, International Association of Bobath concept instructors).

The couple also founded Bobathovi in 1951 in the United Kingdom in London The Bobath Centre, which organizes up to now training new instructors Bobath children’s concept and at the same time ensures that the care of patients with cerebral palsy. More information on the issue of child Bobath concept can be found on the website Fyziobeskyd.