Basic course in Krakow Bobath-June 2017

In June was held in cooperation with the rehabilitation centre in Krakow Basic Bobath course for adult patients with neurological deficit.

The course was very inspiring and mutually rewarding thanks to the great professional interest of all course participants. In the framework of the course was also briefing Members of the family in planning subsequent home rehabilitation (see photo). On the course we have executed one of the most important principles of the Bobath concept, and it is the active involvement of the family in therapy.

Workshop in Hrabyně and Chuchelná, June 2017

In June 2017 in Hrabyně and RU Chuchelna there was two expert seminars on the subject of “Bobath concept in nursing care”.

The aim was to consolidate and update the procedures of nursing care and incorporate them into the total therapy of neurological patients. The result should be intense, high-quality and effective rehabilitation, in which are included as well as patients with severe neurological deficit, who treats in these devices.

It was also part of the practical part of the ergonomics of nurses who are exposed to considerable physical strain. She was so turned on active interdisciplinary cooperation. I believe that this dialogue will last well into the future and that through this teamwork will be RA Prime workplace and inspiration Hrabyně and other similar facilities in the Czech Republic.