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Advanced Course The Bobath Concept and Task practice 20.-24.5.2024

Dear colleagues,

I am sending you an invitation to the Advanced Bobath concept course. The course is certified by IBITA, an international organization of Bobath concept instructors.

The professional guarantor and lecturer of the course is Ana Isabel Almeida, PT, MSc., Advanced Course Instructor, currently working within the “More Experienced Instructor” group.

The course is intended for occupational therapists and physiotherapists, graduates of the Basic Bobath course. The content of the course is focused on task-oriented therapy, in accordance with current evidence (EBM) on the effectiveness of this therapy.

The graduate of the course will receive an IBITA certificate with international validity.

Course date: 20.5.-24.5.2024
Venue: the course will take place in the beautiful premises of the new pavilion of the Bělohrad Rehabilitation Institute, Lázně Bělohrad,

Course length: at least 35 hours
Number of course participants: 12
Course price: CZK 11,000

Refreshments during the course and professional materials are included in the price.

Contact person: Mgr. Kateřina Macháčková, Ph.D.

Brief description of the course:
• The course is based on the analysis of functional movement, integrated in everyday activities.
• The goal is to understand the importance of postural control when practicing functional tasks.
• The course includes lectures, patient demonstrations, theoretical and practical exercises, patient assessment and therapy. Participants will work in pairs, with an assigned patient, under the guidance and supervision of a trainer.

Planned Bobath Courses 2023-2024

We are currently preparing an autumn BBC course in Prague at the FNKV. The course is already fully booked.

The next planned course will take place in the spring of 2024 in Prague, Albertov. There are still places available in the course. It is possible to apply via the contact form, which can be found HERE.

Albertov Course 2022/2023

The last part of the course was focused on therapy of the upper limb.

Colleagues also dealt with a severely spastic limb, complicated by secondary changes in the soft tissues and a disorder of the trunk posture.

Sensory restoration is a prerequisite for improving the motor function of the hand. The connection of individual motor components within the framework of Task oriented training is in accordance with the current knowledge of EBM about the effectiveness of training.

A group of physiotherapists and occupational therapists who got to know each other on the course, established friendly relationships and understood their indispensable roles in patient therapy.